SeemoreLabs Enterprise Resource Planning


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  1. Price quotations & Estimations
  2. Logistics System
  3. Production Control
  4. Accounts receivable and payable
  5. Centralized business data
  6. Even more great features
  7. Pricing

Price quotations & Estimations

  • Unified calculations methods
  • Accurate and detailed cost, price, time and usage calculations
  • Based on Your environment and equipment
  • Easy identification of the most cost-efficient scenario

Logistics System

  • Essential for proper utilization of capacities
  • Level and requirements monitoring (estimations)
  • Tracks all incoming or outgoing items
  • Roll based handling, reservation, pricing
  • Raw materials, semi and finished products and other articles
  • Barcode and barcode printer support
  • Stock values, reports and inspections
  • Roll reservation for orders
  • Creation, usage and total activity history

Production Control

  • Real time interface of ongoing jobs
  • Tracking of labor time efficiency
  • Comparison of actual and standard costs
  • Presence and activity monitor

Accounts receivable and payable

  • Recording incoming or outgoing transactions of any type
  • Using different units, currencies, exchange rates and tax rates
  • Tracking customers and suppliers balances

Centralized business data

  • Accelerates B2B and B2C relationship
  • Reduces administrative burden and stress
  • Access from anywhere at any time

Even more great features

  • Isolated environments for sales representatives
  • Internal communications
  • Prediction model for orders
  • Dedicated interfaces for scanners and tablets


Cloud solution
hosted on
Starterfor micro business Advancedfor small & medium business Profor large business
1 user Up to 10 users Up to 20 users
49 € / month 249 € / month 449 € / month
Incl. 2 hours of support Incl. 4 hours of support
On site solution
hosted locally on a server grade machine
Server Data center
Up to 60 users Above 60 users
First year only 24,900 €
(incl. server and config)
custom price
4,500 € annual fee
(after second year)
custom price
Incl. 16 hours of support custom